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Friday, 8 June 2018

Damon PS2 Pro Apk Free Download For Android

Damon Ps2 Pro Apk Free Download For Android

GTA San Andreas Android fully moded

This Emulator is Very much Easy to Download from play store. But if you do not have money it is Difficult to download this emulator for Android for free of Cost. thats why i have made this trick to get you this emulator for free.

 i am also providing the damon ps2 bios and also the procedure to put the bios for free in the damon ps2 pro emulator. we are using the parallel space app to install the damon ps2 emulator for free. we will install the emulator in the parallel space app and after that we will put the ps2 bios, so that we can run the game very easily.

DamonPS2 PRO (PS2 Emulator) 

is a Action android app made by DamonPS2 that you can install on your android devices an enjoy !
The fastest PS2 Emulator for Android in Global !!!! On Samsung S8 smartphone, the DamonPS2 emulator runs most of the PS2 games smoothly, For example (Samsung Galaxy S8 Snapdragon 835 Inside),
* Final Fantasy X : 60fps
* God of War II : 55fps
* Contra – Shattered Soldier : 48 fps
* marvel vs. capcom 2 : 60 fps

Supported Feature
Support 2X~5X Enhanced Resolution (1080p HD)
Support Bilinear Texture Filtering
Support HID Gamepad (Only During the Game )
Support Skip BIOS boot screen
Support Multi-threading Acceleration
Support NEON Vector Instruction Acceleration
Support OpenGL ES 3.1 Rendering Acceleration
Support Multi-format ROM File (Include: *.iso\bin\img\nrg Format)

In 2000, after the PS2 was officially launched Sony has created a fever spreading around the world, a series of games released for this line of handheld games. After 17 years, we no longer see the PS2, even the PS3, the console market is gradually replaced by more modern equipment such as PS4 and XBOX.

 However, many people would like to be able to replay old games that have been associated with their childhood. This number is not low, so DamonPS2 has listened to this and brought DamonPS2 PRO – the best PS2 emulator for mobile, specifically the device is using Android operating system

For the best support, you should purchase this suite from Google Play, and publishers also declare that if you are not satisfied with their product, they will refund it to you. So try to buy it to get the best help from the publisher. If you think that running PS2 games on the mobile is very difficult because there are no handles you are wrong.

 DamonPS2 PRO (PS2 Emulator) is very caring about everything and of course, the control is also perfect. Virtual buttons on the screen display the full functionality that the handle has. So you can rest assured and experience all the features in the game